Climate Solutions Summit - Agenda

*Additional Session Details Coming Soon | Agenda Subject to Change* 

Open to Confluence Members + Approved Guests

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7:30-8:30am: Registration

8:30-8:45am: Welcome Remarks | Raúl Pomares, Founder & Managing Director, Sonen capital

8:45-9:30am: Ten years toward a carbon free economy
ORGANIZED BY SRI Wealth Management group, rbc wealth management

Climate experts predict that we are at risk of climate catastrophe unless we slash our carbon emissions 45% by 2030. Climate investments need to scale up significantly to bring about this structural shift over the next decade. This session will use scientific projections and financial data to build a case for climate investing, and demonstrate that while we must act with urgency right now, returns need not be sacrificed to build a cleaner future.


  • Aimée Christensen, Director, Christensen Family Office (moderator)

  • Tom van Dyck, Managing Director – Financial Advisor, SRI Wealth Management Group, RBC Wealth Management 

  • Alicia Seiger, Lecturer, Stanford Law School and Managing Director, Stanford Sustainable Finance Initiative and the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance

9:30-10:45am: pre-covery: building resilience for the future
ORGANIZED BY capitol hill

How do you assess the climate impact of a business? Can we objectively calculate the resilience of investments in the face of unpredictable climate risks? Join the conversation as we discuss how we can better understand climate resilience through data and metrics. What opportunities does this resilience lens present for savvy climate investors?


  • Ted Roosevelt, Founding Partner, Redwood Grove Capital (moderator)

  • Tim Dunn, Chief Investment Officer, Managing Member, Founder, Terra Alpha Investments

  • Bettina von Hagen, Co-Founder, CEO & Managing Director, Ecotrust Forest Management

  • Sanjay Wagle, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Lightsmith Group

10:45-11:00AM: Break

11:00-11:45AM: banking with values
ORGANIZED BY william and flora hewlett foundation

A banking partner is more than a service provider ¬– their mission and values dictate how our money is put to work 24 hours a day. Between 2016 and 2018, banks invested $1.9 trillion in fossil fuels globally. Should investors ignore banking’s role in underwriting fossil-fuel-related lending? What are the options outside of the conventional banking industry for large institutional investors? And how can we push big banks to enact Paris commitments and drive climate solutions?


  • Jean Rogers, Founder, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and Member of the Terra Alpha Investments Advisory Board

  • Kat Taylor, Co-Founder, Beneficial State Foundation, Co-Founder and CEO of Beneficial State Bank


Confluence undertook a short inquiry among Advisor Members about how ‘climate risk’ is communicated to clients.

Join Confluence CEO, Dana Lanza, for a short summary of the findings and participate in community reflections about the morning presentation.

Led by:

  • Julie Davitz, Head of Strategic Philanthropy and Purpose Investments, Bank of the West/BNP Paribas

  • Dana Lanza, CEO, Confluence Philanthropy

12:00-1:30PM: Lunch

1:30-2:45PM: investing in the land: regenerative approaches to field and forest
ORGANIZED BY california clean energy fund and creo

Forests, among the world’s largest carbon sinks, face ever increasing pressure from human demands. Commercial agriculture has also inflicted irreparable damage to land through unsustainable farming practices. This session will explore investible solutions across a range of asset classes in regenerating denuded land resources, and their implications in building resilience against climate change.


  • Shilpa Patel, Director, Mission Investing, ClimateWorks Foundation (moderator)

  • MaryKate Bullen, Associate Director - Sustainability & Communications, New Forests

  • Emmy Cattani, Member, Cattani Farms

  • Gregory Lopez, Program Officer, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 

  • Paul McMahon, Managing Partner, SLM Partners

2:45-3:00PM: Break

3:00-4:00PM: solutions for clean energy investors
ORGANIZED BY california clean energy fund and creo

This dynamic investment-solutions-focused panel will share some of the latest innovations in clean energy across various financial instruments and asset classes, ranging from debt to equity, and green banks to opportunity zones. The session will also touch upon the important role that specialist intermediaries play in navigating the complex landscape of renewable energy investing. How can we work together to build a stronger clean energy financing ecosystem?


  • Marisa de Belloy, Executive Director, Overlook Foundation (moderator)

  • Dan Adler, Vice President, Policy, Energy Foundation

  • Alycia Kellman, Chief Legal Officer, Sunfunder

  • Danny Kennedy, Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund, and Confluence Board Member

4:00-4:45PM: Keynote: From Ambition to Action

  • Kate Gordon, Director, California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research

California has been at the forefront of the climate change discussions ¬– not only in terms of the state’s pioneering policies, technological innovation, and groundbreaking policies, but also in its vulnerability to climate disasters. We are pleased to have Kate Gordon, Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and a nationally recognized expert on the intersection of climate change, energy, and economic development, speak on the state’s strategy around climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.

4:45pm: Closing Remarks | Gabriel Kra, Managing Director, Prelude Ventures, and CREO Board Member

5:00-6:30pm: Reception On-site